The Jelly Bean of 5 Pointz …aka Shiro

The Jelly Bean of 5 Pointz …aka Shiro

The Jelly Bean of 5 Pointz… aka Shiro
I love Jelly beans, the shape, the flavors, the packaging, Jelly beans make a bad day brigther, a sugar crave go away… If Shiro was a candy she would definetly be a Jelly bean , and to us she is that multicolored sweet fix…Miles of smiles the minute she arrives in the loading dock, an incredibly positive energy, and of course, Mad talent… We had this interview in the works for a while. But now more than ever we want to express how much she means to the 5 Pointz fam…
She kindly took the time to answer questions in between two planes… And we are happily making this day the Shiro day.
What’s playing in your ipod right now?
–I play Japanese rap, and mix tapes of US middle school hip-hop which are from my DJ friend.

Why did you pick aerosol art as a medium rather than paint and brush?
–I can paint big and quick on any surface with spray paint. Also I am lazy, so it’s good because I don’t have to bring anything around except cans and tips. Then I can paint right away.

What is graffiti to you?
–Very important method to show people who I am.

What does 5 Pointz represent to you?
–School, friends, church, temple, castle, and mecca. 5 Pointz is my best favorite place in the world next to my home.

You are a tiny girl in a big man’s world, do you feel you had to work extra hard to get respect as a writer?
–Sometimes I get in tough situations, but I work with good people who I can trust. So it’s all good^^ We respect each other.

What are your favorite colors?
–Pink, Purple, Yellow, White and Turquoise.

Your characters girls are, to me, very manga oriented? Would you agree?
–May be. I don’t try to make them like Japanese Manga. But I grew up with Manga in Japan. So I can’t deny the influence from it. I love Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Quest. lol

Would if be fair to say that your characters are very similar to, almost, superheroes? Are you trying to empower woman with a sense of humor?
–My characters are other versions of myself. They are me and what I wanna be. I don’t hide myself. Sense of humor? I wish.. lol

Your regular job is in the medical world, as a nurse , do you feel art can cure?
–Yes. To express ourselves as we are through art or music or dance is a good way of accepting ourselves and who we are. Somebody who accepts who he or she is, is always feeling comfortable with him or herself.

To all of you reading , we are pleased to confirm that Shiro is safe home in Japan. I asked her if her characters were somewhat superheroes, well to me, today more than ever, Shiro is a super hero .. Home dealing with constant threats, she did and does what she does best. She wore her favorite colorful kicks, took a bag on paint… And gave her time and art to the community… Live painting in a park to uplift the spirits of her home town…

Be safe Shiro ,
Much love
M for the 5 Pointz team

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