Contort, Jekl, Dyzer5 Wall
May 11 2011

Shout out to Contort, Jekl, and Dyzer5 for showing their love and support. KEEP SPRAYIN!

Love from Buffalo NY
April 23 2011

Here’s a video created by fans from Buffalo NY, showing love and support for 5 Pointz. Their message is clear. SAVE 5 POINTZ! Thank you for keeping art alive. If anyone has videos or photos of their support for 5 …

Zimad 2010: Bigger, Better, Stronger
December 20 2010

When one does a random search on the web on 5 Pointz, one can be overwhelmed by the amount of results: From kaleidoscope of pictorial masterpieces to Mecca of Hip Hop culture, chances are you will read it and agree. …