November 14 2013

Saturday November 16th, 2013 3-5pm.. We need your support!

Fan Appreciation Day to Save 5 Pointz
November 14 2013

Saturday November 16th, 2013 3-5pm.. We need your support!

Wednesday Oct 2nd 5 Pointz needs you!
October 01 2013

official city council hearing #1 discussing the G&M realty project and the future of 5 Pointz … will take place October 2nd at 9.30 am sharp 250 Broadway in Manhattan . Time to rally people take the day off

Speaking with Onur Dinc
August 20 2013

(From Street Art NYC) We discovered the wonderfully talented Onur Dinc while he was painting over at 5Pointz during his recent visit to NYC. We were delighted to have the opportunity to speak to him before he returned to his …

Speaking with Esteban del Valle
August 03 2013

(From Street Art NYC) Currently based in Brooklyn, Chicago native Esteban del Valle is an interdisciplinary artist whose public artworks have surfaced in NYC, as well as in Chicago, IL, San Antonio, TX, and Kansas City, MO. We first came …

World Upside Down
July 24 2013

Bisco Smith aka Bisc1 has a solo gallery show coming up in August in Brooklyn.. Check it out!

Speaking With Spidertag
July 24 2013

(From Street Art NYC) Based in Madrid, Spidertag is known for his masterful geometrical and abstract artworks fashioned with yarn and nails. We recently met up with him during his visit to New York City, where he left his mark …

Speaking With Kkade
July 18 2013

(From Street Art NYC) Swiss artist Kkade shared his splendid skills with us last month at 5Pointz. While he was here, we had the opportunity to find out a bit about this talented member of the Schwarzmaler Collective. When and …

Speaking With Rubin
July 17 2013

(From Street Art NYC) Rubin’s exquisite murals surface here regularly in NYC on the streets of Brooklyn and the Bronx. Each one is a cause for celebration. We recently had the opportunity to speak with the talented artist. When did …

The Art Of Relevance
July 16 2013

As the struggle to save 5 Pointz unfolds a larger question presents itself. By definition what is 5 Pointz? It seems that the powers that be, from councilman to borough president, justify their position or lack there of, by disregarding …